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Are you going to buy a motorcycle? Ask your questions and guarantee the best choice!

In order to really bring benefits and not headaches, buying a motorcycle is a task that requires certain care. Need an alternative to get around throughout the day, but not satisfied with public transport? Do you think a car is too much expense and work? So it's quite likely that you see the motorcycle as an excellent alternative. To know more, check out: do you need a license to buy a motorcycle

It's no secret that motorcycle owners have greater freedom of movement, not getting stuck in traffic jams, and generally spending little on maintenance and fuel. Precisely because it is a versatile and economical vehicle, the motorcycle is increasingly chosen by those who have a hectic routine and don't want to waste time during their journeys.

But, to make the right purchase, it is recommended to analyze some pros and cons. Only then will you be safe before hitting the hammer and proceeding with the purchase of your motorcycle. To help you in this mission, this complete post on the subject brings a series of practical tips that you should take into account when you think: "I want to buy a motorcycle!"

What are the main advantages of buying a motorcycle?


Those who usually travel through cities know that it is more than common to encounter major traffic jams, especially at peak times — early morning, midday and late afternoon. With a car, you face the disadvantage of being stuck in the street, not only wasting precious time, but also wasting more fuel. Not to mention the damage to your quality of life, with all the stress generated by this uncomfortable situation.


An automobile is made up of several systems: engine, clutch, brakes, transmission, suspension, and so on. Not to mention the five tires (the tires plus the spare tire) and the entire glazed area. As much as this apparatus is quite useful in occasions such as long-distance travel, it can mean a heavy expense for the short journeys of everyday life. After all, an automobile requires preventive maintenance on many more items than a motorcycle. Alignment and balancing of the four wheels, cleaning the air conditioning and changing four brake pads or linings? Only in a car!


Anyone who uses a car every day to get around between various domestic and work commitments knows how much fuel spending weighs on the budget at the end of the month.

What to note regarding motorcycle documentation?

The process of purchasing a motorcycle also includes the vehicle's documentation with the State Department of Traffic (Detran). After the purchase, the pilot must take the invoice and other documents required by the transit agency to obtain the Vehicle Registration Certificate (CRV), which certifies ownership of the good.

Even though your possession is not mandatory when driving, this document is essential for the transfer of ownership. The CRV is delivered to the vehicle owner at the time of the first license plate.

It is still necessary, each new year, to obtain the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV), popularly known as annual licensing. This document is mandatory when driving, including the possibility of a fine if the driver does not have it on hand or if the CRLV has expired.

How to choose a reliable dealership?

Motorcycle assemblers have representatives in a large part of our country. Although, in theory, dealerships have to offer the same standard of service offered by the manufacturer, there may be differences between them.

When you think " I want to  buy a motorcycle ", favor reliable companies, with names already consolidated in the market and offering differentials, such as free labor in the first overhaul and transport services for the motorcycle and quick maintenance.