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There was something special about those early days of Kronos, wasn't there? I have fond memories of their first Lincoln Center residency. Every week for a couple of months a group of friends and I would meet up and see what the quartet would be serving up this time. Because I wasn't "AnEarful" yet, I have no record or recollection of what happened, but I know it was good!

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I excised an entire paragraph from this particular post: a detour into a list I used to maintain that included details of essentially every concert I'd attended of my own volition from 1980 to 2004, lost in a catastrophic hard-drive meltdown (and the last existing printed paper copy seemingly recycled only a week before). In writing this column, I dearly wanted to know when I'd first seen Kronos – I want to say it was around '87-'88, and I believe it was at Trinity University's Laurie Auditorium, though I could be entirely wrong about that. I know it was San Antonio, I know they played John Zorn's then-new 'The Dead Man,' along with István Márta, Terry Riley, and I'm unsure what else. I'd love to know for certain how many times I've seen Kronos since, and how many of their cellists I've heard live. Moral of the story: always keep one or more safe backups.

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